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There are two silly questions that we get all the time at Golden Garage Door Springs:

  • Are your garage door springs really made of gold, and if so, are they more expensive than steel springs?
  • Are you guys really located in Golden, Colorado?

No, our garage door springs are not made out gold, but our seasoned repairmen have the golden touch when it comes to garage door spring replacement.

Golden Garage Door SpringsGolden Garage Door Springs can replace any spring ever made, even if the other guys in town say your springs are out of production or impossible to find. That’s because the pros at Golden Garage Door Springs can make an adapter ON THE SPOT, allowing your garage door system to accept standard, readily available garage door springs. This conversion costs a little more than a standard spring replacement job, but it will save untold expense and heartbreak down the road.

Since 1994, our competent repairmen have been keeping the garage doors of Golden running smoothly and dependably. In more than 20 years in the business, we have never met a garage door spring we didn’t like or couldn’t fix. Our technicians have seen it all, and repaired it all. When the experts from Golden Garage Door Springs fix your garage door, it stays fixed!

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Actually, a broken spring is the most common garage door repair, and a sign of a healthy garage door system. It’s the garage door springs that act as a “fuse” for your tightly-wound and very high tension cables, pulleys and gears. If the garage door spring doesn’t “blow” when the tension builds up, you’d have a snapped cable whipping around your garage at 200 MPH with 6,000 pounds of pressure per square inch – enough raw energy to slingshot your garage door into the next zip code. Needless to say, such intense pent-up tension can also main or kill humans. Don’t try to be a garage door hero. There are so many chores on your to-do list…why start with the most dangerous one?

You realize that you’ll need to call in professionals for the dirty work...but whom? It’s hard to navigate the sea of drivel on the internet, especially when much of the hype and reviews are phony.

Don't settle with a lesser garage door spring company! Call now for an estimate!

Garage Door Spring Replacement Golden COSorry to break it to you, but most Yelp reviews are manufactured, cut from whole cloth, as phony as a three dollar bill. The best way to get an honest opinion of any service company is word of mouth. Our customers provide the greatest advertisement for Golden Garage Door Springs, and the greatest showroom in the world is right there in your own backyard! Whether your garage door has popped an extension spring or a torsion spring, Golden Garage Door Springs is the way to go. We’ve installed and replaced more garage door springs than all the other companies combined. The reason is simple: WE SPECIALIZE IN SPRINGS. If Golden Garage Door Springs doesn’t have your spring in stock – no one does – and we’ll fashion a converter on the spot.

Go with the guys who have the experience AND the know-how.

Call Golden Garage Door Springs right away and we’ll be on our way!

Golden Garage Door Springs

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