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Golden Garage Door Opener RepairsThe opener is one of the most essential garage door parts. If you don’t know already, the garage door opener is the little box that is attached to the garage ceiling. This mechanism has been in existence for almost a century, and has undergone many improvements and modifications. There are now three different models of garage door openers in production: the belt drive, chain drive, and screw drive. Golden Garage Door Openers has been in business for a long, long time…longer than anyone can remember. In fact, when we first opened shop, the Dead Sea was just a little bit sick – and the coding for our first customers, Barney and Betty Rubble, was in Roman Numerals.

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Each of the styles of opener (belt, chain or screw) uses modern technology in their designs, but use of different materials sets them apart. Choosing which opener is best for your home can be fun and beneficial if you have the right guide to help you. Golden Garage Door Openers has worked with garage door openers for two decades, and will open your mind when it comes to household repairmen. The seasoned technicians of Golden Garage Door Openers are surprisingly friendly and refreshingly honest.

Garage Door Opener Services in Golden COThe belt drive opener uses a rubber belt to raise and lower the door. The lack of friction between the rubber and metal makes for quiet and smooth operation. This is the perfect opener for households that use the garage door frequently, but want to eliminate noise. The belt drive opener is a low maintenance, highly reliable opener that can be ideal for any home. It costs a few dollars more, but it’s worth every penny.

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Chain drive openers work exactly the same way, but utilize a chain that runs along the track to operate the door. The very first garage door opener was in fact a chain drive, so those who are apt to concede to tradition might choose this model over others. One must consider that the chain drive causes friction of metal on metal contact, and therefore causes a rattling and rumbling while in operation. Golden Garage Door Openers has installed, repaired and serviced more chain drives, more belt drives more screw drives and more (low-clearance) jackshaft garage door openers than anyone else.

If you have a bedroom over the garage that will rumble every time the chain drive is operating, the chain drive might not be your ideal opener. However, if you have a sneaky teen whose whereabouts you want to monitor, the chain drive can be your best friend.

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24 / 7 Garage Door Opener RepairsFinally, the screw drive opener is specialized to function in extreme weather conditions and under considerable duress. In the Continental United States, we can get some gnarly weather. From the northeastern storms that hit seasonally, to the brutal heat of Death Valley, the states get an array of somewhat extreme weather conditions. That’s exactly why Golden Garage Door Openers is open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. If you live in these conditions, you need a garage door opener that can withstand the elements. Screw drive openers can take intense temperatures without breaking down or seizing up. All of these openers are present in our inventory and available to you anytime you need them. Golden Garage Door Openers is a simple solution to your opener woes, so call us today and see how it goes!

Golden Garage Door Openers is passionate about what we do. The ability to help households all over Colorado is our greatest joy and achievement. Our business started—out of a garage—over twenty years ago, and we have expanded due largely to the loyalty of our customers. If you want to experience a truly pleasant opener installation that’s affordable for all budgets, call Golden Garage Door Openers today.

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