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Golden Garage Door ServicesThe best thing about Golden Garage Doors is not the 20-plus years of dedicated garage door experience we have under our belt. It’s not the fact that we’ve installed, repaired and maintained more garage doors than most of the other garage door companies combined.

And it’s not our policy of same-day garage door repair, and weekend/holiday emergency garage door repairs at our everyday low price of $29.

The best thing about Golden Garage Doors is our consumer-friendly atmosphere and good-guy garage door technicians – garage door pros who are more interested in getting your garage to work smoothly than in getting your credit card number and expiration date. Wow, that’s a refreshing change!

When It Comes To Garage Door Repair We Are Second To None

There are more than enough garage door services to go around, but precious few trustworthy ones. Even if you do some research through the internet, and read all the reviews, you’re not guaranteed to receive good results. That’s why Golden Garage Doors is so proud of our word-of-mouth advertising and 92% return customer rate, the benchmark of our enviable customer service.

Which other garage door company is available 24 hours a day?

Heck, which other any company will rush right out and solve your problem on the spot with little or no down time? You’d have to call 911 to get better, faster service than you’ll get from Golden Garage Doors!

Only 911 Gives Faster Emergency Service Than Us!!!

Golden CO Garage Door RepairsThere are many reasons to call a garage door service:

  • Garage door won’t go up or down
  • Garage Door is off the tracks
  • Garage door is too heavy to lift
  • Remote control doesn’t work
  • Garage door opens/closes on its own
  • New garage door installation
  • Garage door opener service/repair
  • Noise reduction
  • And more!

But there is really only one company to call – Golden Garage Doors. The pros at Golden Garage Doors have been at it longer and harder than the many fly-by-night garage door services which abound on the internet search engines. Golden Garage Doors was fixing garage doors and installing automatic openers while the competition was still in diapers. Our dedicated technicians have expertise in areas where the other companies don’t even have areas!

Silence Is Golden – We’ll Keep Your Garage Door Quiet

The sound of silence is indeed “golden” to homeowners. In fact, your sense of hearing is essential to smart garage door maintenance. Anytime you hear unusual noises – creeks, squeaks, grinding, grating or irritating – it’s time to call the pros at Golden Garage Doors.

Golden Garage Doors will fix it!Unlike human beings, garage doors should not get louder as they get older. Your garage door should run as smoothly and silently after 20 years as it did on Day One. We also stock and install the latest smart garage door openers, quiet-glide nylon rollers and back-up power supplies. But our guys can fix anything, install anything and adjust anything to do with your garage door.

Golden, Colorado is home to the best darn garage door company in the state, and we couldn’t be more proud!

Golden Garage Doors

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Stick with Golden Garage Doors and you'll be satisfied with every garage door service you get from us.

Golden Garage Doors

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